This Old Tree

Texas Shade: The Founders' Oak

August 03, 2023 Doug Still Season 1 Episode 18
This Old Tree
Texas Shade: The Founders' Oak
Show Notes

The Founders' Oak in New Braunfels is a "Famous Tree of Texas." The 300 yr-old live oak has given shelter to a Spanish Mission, a German Prince who brought thousands of settlers, old Texas families that date back to the Alamo, and the Comanche Nation. Its cultural history is rich, and includes a new designation as a "Comanche Marker Tree." What is it about this tree's history that mirrors the founding of Texas itself?

Emily King
Urban Forester, Community Tree Preservation Division
City of Austin, TX
Austin's Community Tree Report
Austin's Tree Canopy

Tim Barker
President, Friends for the Preservation of Historic Landa Park
New Braunfels, TX

Kelly Eby
Urban Forester, Community Forestry Program
City of San Marcos, TX

Steve Houser
Owner and President, Arborilogical Services
Chairperson, Indian Marker Tree Committee
Texas Historic Tree Coalition
Wylie, TX

Jimmy Arterberry
Cultural Resource/Environmental Consultant
Former Tribal Administrator, Comanche Nation
Medicine Park, OK

New Braunfels Historic Landa Park: Its Springs and Its People
Famous Trees of Texas
Comanche Marker Trees of Texas

Featured songs by Jimmy Irby
(Published by ...And More Bears, Vollersode, Germany)
One Cup of Coffee and a Cigarette
Don't Count Your Chickens
I'm So Disgusted
I've Got the Blues for Texas

Consulting Editor
David Still II

Cover Photo
Steve Houser

Theme Music
Diccon Lee,

Dahn Hiuni,

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