This Old Tree

Preservation is Progress: The Brontë Oak

July 05, 2023 Doug Still Season 1 Episode 17
This Old Tree
Preservation is Progress: The Brontë Oak
Show Notes

The Brontë Oak is a massive white oak tree in Oakville, Ontario that has been threatened by every type of construction project imaginable. Logging, overhead power lines, a regional water conduit, highway expansion, you name it. But in the face of multi-billion dollar corporations, it still stands thanks to the collective efforts of a persuasive neighbor, two savvy arborists, an 87 yr-old schoolteacher, a tuned-in Town Councilor, and a favorite Canadian folk rock singer.

John McNeil
Consulting Urban Forester
McNeil Urban Forestry, Inc.
Burlington , Ontario

Pete Williams
Consulting Forester
Williams & Associates Forestry Consulting
Rockwood, Ontario

Allan Elgar
Regional and Town Councilor
Oakville, Ontario

Sarah Harmer

Featured songs by Sarah Harmer
Squeaking Voices
The Ring

Consulting Editor
David Still II

Audio Editor
Marta Abrams

Cover artwork
Betty Goodfellow, artist
Collection of Sarah Harmer

Theme Music
Diccon Lee,

Dahn Hiuni,

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