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Tree Story Shorts II

March 26, 2023 Doug Still Season 1 Episode 13
This Old Tree
Tree Story Shorts II
Show Notes

This is the second edition of Tree Story Shorts on This Old Tree, where listeners get to contribute and tell their own tree stories! From New York to California to China and Nepal, listen to what people have to say about the trees that inspire them.

Gil Reavill
Author, screenwriter, journalist

James Voorhies
Retired grounds manager and entomologist
Paul Smith College '72

Georgia Silvera Seamans
Founder, Local Nature Lab
Host, Your Bird Story podcast

Chi Ngai Chan
Staff Scientist, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School

Fran Hutton Lee
Retired GIS specialist and cartographer

Brandon Namm
Tree Inspector, City of Portland, OR
Principal Consultant, Laurelin Tree Consulting

Eva Monheim
Speaker, consultant, garden coach, designer, writer, photographer
Co-host of The Plant a Trillion Trees Podcast

Leena Chapagain
Botanist and gardener
Dumbarton Oaks

Steven Koehn
Director of Cooperative Forestry
U.S. Forest Service, Dept. of Agriculture

Theme Music
Diccon Lee,

Dahn Hiuni,

Transcripts available.

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We want to hear about the favorite tree in your life! To submit a ~3 or 4 minute audio story for consideration for an upcoming episode of "Tree Story Shorts" on This Old Tree, record the story on your phone’s voice memo app and email to:

This episode was written in part at LitArts RI, a community organization and co-working space that supports Rhode Island's creators.

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